What is RPA and How it works?

What is RPA and How it works

In this tutorial, I will explain What is RPA, why RPA used, and how does the Robotic Process Automation work in a real scenario with examples.

What is RPA and How it works?

“Robotic Process Automation is a simple computer coded software that automates manual activities by performing repetitive rules-based tasks.” Only substantially better: an RPA software robot never sleeps, makes zero mistakes and costs a lot less than an employee.

Using Robotic Process Automation tools, one can configure a robot to perform certain repetitive task like:

    • Capture & Manipulate data
    • Trigger certain pre-defined actions

The whole objective of using Robotic Process Automation is to reduce the time taken by the manual employee on repetitive tasks. Now, let’s understand it with a couple of simple RPA example.

Web Site Scraping: If you want to gather some information eg Share prices from stock trading sites, prices of items from an e-commerce site, it will be a good use case to implement RPA.

HR Salary Processing: Can process the salary details of each employee based on timesheet data, leave taken, CTC, etc.

RPA Use Cases in Multiple Domains

  • Banking
    • Customer account management.
    • Data validation.
    • Claim processing.
    • Loan processing.
  • Healthcare
    • Patient data processing.
    • Reports.
    • Medical bill processing.
    • Claim settlement.
  • Hospitality
    • Guest data processing.
    • Payment processing.
    • Analysis of competitive price.
  • Insurance
    • Review claim applications.
    • Claim review.
    • Claim analysis.
  • Government Sector
    • Data entry work.
    • Report automation.
    • Verification of data.
  • E-commerce
    • Order processing.
    • Scaping of product data.
    • Update data on the website.
    • Comparison of product pricing.
  • Software
    • Functional, load and performance testing.
  • Manufacturing
    • ERP automation
    • Logistics data automation
    • Data monitoring.
  • HR Process
    • Automate payroll
    • Reports
  • Telecom
    • Collect client phone data
    • Competitor price scrapping

RPA Tools

Find the below list of popular RPA tools:-

  • Automation Anywhere
  • Blue prism

Now let’s see a small comparison of these tools (blue prism vs path vs automation anywhere) and then in another post.


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