What is Angular in Programming and Why should I use it

what is angular in programming

In this angular 6 tutorial, I will explain what is angular in programming, and why should I use it.

What is Angular in Programming and Why use it

Angular is a JavaScript open-source front-end web application framework. It is primarily
sustained by Google together with an extended community of people and companies, to
approach many of the challenges faced when developing single page, cross-platform,
performant applications. It is fully extensible and works well with other libraries.

Angular is a great tool that will:

  • Enable you to create software quicker and with less effort.
  • Result in a more maintainable software.
  • Encourage good programming practices and design patterns like MVC.
  • Allow you to collaborate easier with other people.
  • Allow you to become proficient at a reasonable time.

New features in Angular 6

Version 6 angular released is focused less on the underlying framework, and more on the toolchain and on making it easier to move quickly with angular in the future.

  • Angular 6 itself has no major breaking changes.
  • Animations
    • Import from @angular/core
    • Import from @angular/animations
  • <template> tag
    • No more support for the <template > tag .<ng-template> should be used
      <template> tag
  • Registering provider

    • Before Angular 6, the ngModelChange event was emitted before the said form control
    • If we have an event handler for the ngModelChange event that checked the value through the control, the old value will be returned instead of the changed value.
    • Now, in Angular 6, ngModelChange has emitted the value after the value is updated in the form of control.
  • Angular Elements
    • Ability to use our angular component in other application.
    • Wrap an angular component in custom elements.
  • RxJS 6.0
    • Angular 6 now used RxJS 6 internally. So we need to update our application accordingly.
    • These changes provide developers an increase in performance and are easier to debug AJAX call stacks and improve modularity also, making it as backward compatible as possible.
  • lvy
    • Next generation rendering engine.
    • Increase the speed and decrease the application size.
    • Out in the near future

Angular CLI update

  • ng-update <package>
    • Analysis of your package.json
    • Recommend update to your application 3 parties can be provided update scripts using schematic.
  • ng-add
    • Add new capabilities to your application
    • ng add @angular/material

angular cli

How node.js makes the angular app development process easier for us:

  • Node allows you to spin up a lightweight web server to host your application locally in your system.
  • NPM (Node Package Manager) comes with node.js by default. NPM allows you to manage your dependencies.
  • Third and the most important, npm gives you angular cli or ng cli(angular command line interface).
  • Angular recommends the use of TypeScript. Now, your browser does not understand TypeScript. It needs to be trans piled to JavaScript.

Read more in Angular Documentation


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