Upload and Download File using ASP.Net

upload and download file

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Upload and Download File C#

Uploading and downloading files are the most common methods for any website or asp.net web application. The FileUpload web server control allows you to provide users with a way to send a file from their computer to the server in asp.net.

Note: The maximum size file that can be uploaded depends on the value of the MaxRequestLength configuration setting. If users attempt to upload a file that is larger than the maximum, the upload fails.

Upload and Download File in ASP.Net C#

In this article, I will demonstrates how to upload and download files from folder in asp.net using c#. The following file upload and download example shows how to work with an uploaded file. The code checks the file name extension of the uploaded file against a hard-coded list of allowed file name extensions and rejects all other types of files. Find the dot net source code below :-


Download Code

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