Search Engine Optimization Tips for New Website

search engine optimization tips for new website

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How to Search Engine Optimization Tips

In this article, I will share search engine optimization tips and tricks for new website and blogs. Search engine optimization is the practice of increasing traffic to your website through organic search engine results. So optimizing a website in order to make it easy to find via search engines like Google.

Search Engine Optimization tips for Beginners

Find the below SEO optimization tips google, SEO optimization tips WordPress, and SEO optimization tips blogger:- 

  • Title Tag – SEO Tips

    • The important keyword of the page at the beginning of the title tag.
    • A title should animate to click, exciting, little filler words, complete phrases.
    • Not more than 57 characters long.
    • A title should describe the content of the page.
    • Brand name at the end separated by a hyphen or a pipe.
  • META Description – SEO Tips

    • The perfect meta description should 160-230 characters long.
    • Interesting and exciting, easy to read
    • Encourages the user to click
    • Focus on the goal of the page
    • Should describe the content of the page
    • Describes the page with the focus keywords
  • Text / Content of the Body Tag – SEO Tips

    • Has at least 500 words
    • is for readers, not for search engines
    • Has a keyword density between 3 and 5%
    • is of high quality
    • is not a copy of other pages
    • Has lists, tables, images with alt text
    • Has paragraphs, headings, subheadings
    • Should contain internal and external links to related topics
  • Links – SEO Tips

    • At least 10 Links to internal pages
    • At least 5 Links to external pages
    • Keyword in the link text
    • Link text should describe the contents of the destination page
    • Title attribute with keywords and a detailed description
    • The link is in a continuous text, surrounded by other keywords
  • Backlinks – SEO Tips

    • Are from relevant sites with quality content
    • Have a meaningful link text that fits the subject
    • Are from quality sites with many visitors
    • Are always a reference & in the text
    • Have no redirect chains
  • Performance, Loading Speed – SEO Tips

    • Fewer requests, less file loading
    • Shrink all files that are delivered to the browser (gzip)
    • Combine CSS files into one single file
    • Combine JavaScript files into one single file
    • Use CSS sprites for images
    • Use inline images/data URIs if possible
  • Social Networks – SEO Tips

    • The website has an account in all relevant social networks and a share function onsite
    • The account is maintained and managed, users are encouraged to ask questions and discuss
    • Tweet, share and like buttons for all social Network Tools with adjusted headline, content and picture (Open Graph and Twitter Cards)
  • Headings – SEO Tips

    • Headings contain important keywords are not too long and do not repeat on other sites
    • 1 H1 Tag, 2-3 H2 Tags and 6-7 H3 Tags per site, depending on the length of the text
    • Clear hierarchy, H1 -> H2 -> H3, etc.
  • Mobile – SEO Tips

    • Responsive Webdesign, one website for all devices
    • Do not use Flash, Popups or small fonts
    • Be sure your website fits the viewport of the major mobile devices, buttons and links must be large enough
  • Sites in Google Index – SEO Tips

    • More pages tend to be better than a few
    • The number of pages corresponds to that of the analyzed site
    • The broader a website is thematically the more pages are needed

Reference | SEO optimization tips Google

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