School Management System Project Description

school management system project

School Management System Project Summary

School Management system project plays an essential role in educational organizations. School authorities all over the world are engaged in a lot of day-to-day administrative and academic activities to manage and provide a better academic experience to students effectively.

To better perform the school’s administrative activities of educational institute and to assure parents the real-time progress and security of their children, educational institutes utilizes school database management system software nowadays. That avoids the manual paper works and automation of many academic and administrative activities.

School Management System Software Features

Our application software can manage and track all of the school-related activities. Our system is a complete ERP solution which is designed to integrate easily into school management environments. The easy-to-use software can easily adjust to any school frame and helps to reduce overall management costs & save time.

School Management System Software Demo

Our SchoolMate software comprises the following features:-

  • Administration Module
    • User Registration
    • Permission
    • User Log
    • Change Password
  • School Module
    • Manage School Information (Multiple Branches)
    • Manage School Bus Information
    • Session
    • Class
    • Subject Information
    • Grading & marking
    • Examination Schedule
    • Holiday Management
  • Student Module
    • Student Information
    • Gordian Profile
    • Previous Academic Information
    • Hostel Bed Information
    • Student List
    • Identity Card Print
    • Fess Entry
    • Fees Collection
    • Daily Attendance
    • Marks Entry with Automated Grading & GPA
    • Class Promotion
  • Hostel Module
    • Hostel Information
    • Room Information
    • Room Wise Bed Plan
  • Payroll Module
    • Employee Information
    • Employee List
    • Salary Entry
    • Salary Pay
    • Attendance
    • Holiday Declaration
    • Deduction
    • Allowances
  • Library Module
    • Book Vendor Details and Book Classification
    • Manage Book Category
    • Book List
    • Manage Book Issue (Employee & Student)
    • Book Return
    • Barcode Print
  • Accounts Module
    • Chart of Account (Cash & Bank A/c, Expenses A/c, Asset management A/c, Capital A/c, Loan A/c, Employee A/c, Revenue A/c)
    • Daily Voucher Entry
    • Voucher List
    • The Voucher Approval
    • Voucher Cancel
  • SMS Module
    • Sending Profile Settings
    • Draft
    • SMS Sent (Student & Employee)
  • Email Module
    • SMTP Sending Profile
    • Email Sent (Student & Employee)
  • Reports
    • Dashboard
    • Student Information
    • Student Ledger
    • Students Fees Collection
    • Students Attendance Summary
    • Student Marks Sheet
    • Employee Information
    • Employee Ledger
    • Attendance Summary
    • Payment Summary
    • Deduction Summary
    • Allowance Summary
    • Book Information
    • The Book List
    • Book Issue
    • Book Return
    • List of Account
    • Daily Transaction
    • Account Ledger
    • Cash & Bank Ledger
    • Hostel Bed Plan
    • SMS Delivery Report
    • Email Delivery Report
    • User Wise Log

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