How to implement Custom Paging in MVC using jQuery

Paging in mvc using jquery with pagedlist mvc ajax example

The following example will demonstrate how to implement custom client-side paging in MVC using jquery, AJAX, JSON, and Entity Framework.

Client-side Paging in MVC using jQuery

Custom paging is very helpful when presenting a huge amount of data on a webpage. In one of my web application, the requirement was such that the pagination should have numeric paging as well as links to previous, next, first and last page. In the following example, we will learn ajax paging in ASP.Net MVC using jquery & PagedList.

Create a Table in SQL Server Database

Pagination in MVC 5 using jquery using PagedList.Mvc

PagedList.mvc is a package for paging and sorting for ASP.NET MVC. The PagedList package installs a PagedList collection type and extension methods for IQueryable and IEnumerable collections.

Paging In MVC 4 Using PagedList

Download Code Snippet

I hope you like the article and we have learned how to how to implement paging in MVC using jquery. I would like to have feedback from my blog readers. Your valuable feedback, question, or comments about this article are always welcome.


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