javascript wikipedia style tooltip with jQuery

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A tooltip is often used to show extra information about something when the user moves the mouse pointer over a text or image.

Javascript Wikipedia Style Tooltip with jQuery

If you are looking to give your readers the option of a little bit more information or optional extra navigation, a great solution is to use Tooltips. Tooltips are a “common graphical user interface element, which is used in conjunction with a cursor, usually a mouse pointer.

Tooltips are also useful for form elements, to show some additional information in the context of each field. Hover the field to see the tooltip. In this blog post, I will share a Javascript Wikipedia tooltip plugin for form elements.

Here I will share a Javascript Wikipedia tooltip plugin for form elements. Find the below steps and HTML source code:

jQuery is necessary for wikisummary.js.

The including of the Stylesheet and Javascript of wikisummary.js is necessary.

tippy.js is necessary for the Tooltips.

nanoscroller.js is necessary for the Tooltips-Content.

wikisummary.js initialization

Javascript Wikipedia Tooltip Plugin for Texts and Keywords using wikisummary.js

This wikipedia jquery tooltip plugin will demonstrate with Summary & Image for specific Keywords in Texts. Find the Wikipedia tooltip jquery code snippet below:-

Download Wikipedia jQuery Tooltip Plugin

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