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Introduction of Hospital Management System Project in ASP.Net

Hospitals are the essential part of our lives, providing best medical facilities to people suffering from the various ailments, which may be due to change in climate conditions, increased workload, emotional trauma stress etc. It is necessary for the hospitals to keep track of its day to day activities & records of its patient, doctors, nurses, and other staff personals that keep the hospital running smoothly & successfully.

The main aim of our project is to provide a paper-less hospital up to 90%. It also aims at providing low-cost reliable automation of existing systems. The system also provides excellent security of data at every level of user-system interaction and also provides robust & reliable storage and backup facilities.

Hospital Management System Website

The HMS Healthcare Hospital Management System offers a way to manage all hospital-related activity like staff management, doctor management, patient management, medication management, laboratory management and account management.

This SaaS base model offers management of multiple hospitals and record management of employee as well patients as per hospital.

There are different activities which user can perform based on the role after login into the system, which is as below :

  • Super Admin

    • Create, Edit & Delete hospitals
    • Create, Edit & Delete hospital admin user account
  • Admin

    • Manage Doctors, Patients, Nurses, Accountants, Pharmacist, Laboratorist
    • Bed management and allotments
    • Financial activities
    • Medicine and Medicine category
    • Manage lab test and lab categories
    • Edit admin profile
  • Doctor

    • Manage Patient’s checkup record, Prescription, Medicines, Beds, and Allotments
    • Bed management
    • Edit doctor profile
  • Nurse

    • Manage patient records, bed and bed allotments
    • Edit nurse profile
  • Pharmacist

    • Manage medicines & medicine categories
    • Edit pharmacist profile
  • Laboratorist

    • Lab management and manage labs category
    • Manage Patient Test
  • Accountant

    • Manage Payments, Expenses, Payment categories, Expense categories, Invoice of Patients
    • View & Print Invoices
    • Edit accountant profile

Hospital Management System Features

  • The easy way to any standalone hospital or group of hospitals to manage activities from a single website.
  • Able to configure in local intranet if single hospital.
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Easy to set up and configure
  • Admin can manage different staff records and activities.
  • A doctor can simply track the patient checkup history, prescription, diagnosis, and treatment.
  • A pharmacist can manage all medical records and stocks.
  • An accountant can generate the patient bill and print it.
  • Easy to manage different types of rooms and rooms categories
  • Doctor and nurse can view the availability of beds and allocate to the patient.
  • A different user can update their profile and profile picture.

The proposed hospital management system has several modules like Single & Multiple Hospital Management, Staff, Doctor, Patient, Finance, Medicine, Bed, Lab Test and User profile management.

Our Hospital management system product developed on advanced dot net technologies:-

HMS Live Demo hospital management system project Hospital Management System Project ASP.NET Live demohospital management system online demo

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