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google recaptcha key generate

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How to get google reCAPTCHA key

If you want to integrate the Google reCAPTCHA in your website, one has to register the website with Google and then generate the required Site Key i.e. Public Key & Secret Key i.e. Private Key.

In this article, I will explain how to register and get Google reCAPTCHA Site Key i.e. Public Key, Secret Key i.e. Private Key. Follow the below steps:-

  • Goto Google reCAPTCHA Website: You need to first visit the Google reCAPTCHA Website using the following URL and then click the Get reCAPTCHA button as shown here. Google reCAPTCHA Website


  • Register your website: The next step is to register the Website in which you need to integrate Google reCAPTCHA API. You need to provide a Label value and the domain names of the websites for which you want to use the reCAPTCHA.


  • Google reCAPTCHA Site Key (Public Key) & and Secret Key (Private Key): Once the registration is done you are presented with the Site Key (Public Key) & Secret Key (Private Key) and also the procedure to integrate Google reCAPTCHA.

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Domain/Package Name Validation, Developer documentation for reCAPTCHA v2

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