Display RSS Feed on Website ASP.NET

display rss feed in asp.net page

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Display RSS feed on your website ASP.Net

In this asp.net tutorial I will cover the following topics:-

  • What is RSS feed
  • RSS feed features
  • How to display RSS feed on website with images

What are RSS Feed and It’s features

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or somewhere known as Really Simple Syndication. It is a format for delivering regularly changing web content which is written in XML. There are many free RSS feed creator are available online like Google Feedburner, feedity etc. Using RSS you can easily publish regularly updated web content such as blogs, articles, and news etc.

Many news-related sites, weblogs, and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS feed to whoever wants it. RSS Feeds have following features:-

  • Allows you to syndicate your site content
  • RSS files can be automatically updated
  • Defines an easy way to share and view headlines and content
  • Allows personalized views for different sites

HTML code to display RSS feed on website

In the context of displaying content of RSS feeds on your website, custom RSS feed, display RSS feeds from other sites, fetch and display RSS feeds, consuming RSS feed using asp.net, online RSS news aggregator with asp.net. Find the below HTML code to display RSS feed on website:-

Download Code

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