Difference between Boxing and Unboxing with Example

difference between boxing and unboxing in c#.net

Difference between boxing and unboxing in C#

C# programming is a strongly-typed language. That is crucial idea you at all times get requested in your job interviews that distinction between boxing and unboxing in c#.internet.

Boxing is storing a worth kind as an object on the heap, and unboxing is studying the worth from the item. You’ll be able to solely unbox the worth because it’s a precise kind.

Casting is while you convert a fundamental kind to a different fundamental kind (like from an int to an extended), or while you change the kind of a reference (like from Record<int> to IEnumerable<int>)

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Boxing and Unboxing in C# Interview Questions

Boxing and Unboxing is a vital idea in DotNet’s kind system. With Boxing and Unboxing one can hyperlink between value-types and reference-types by permitting any worth of a value-type to be transformed to and from kind object.

Boxing Unboxing
Definition: Boxing is the method of changing a worth sorts to the reference sorts. Unboxing is the method of changing a reference kind to worth sorts


Kind of Conversion: Implicit Conversion Specific Conversion
C# Example: int i = 221;

object obj1 = i; //boxing

object obj2 = 213;

i = (int)obj2 ; // unboxing


For extra data, see the C# Language Specification.

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