How to create Dynamic multiple Textbox in using C#

how to create dynamic textbox on button click in

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How to create dynamic textbox on button click in ASP.Net

At times it is more practical to create a control at runtime than at design time. For example, Create Question and Answers page in which you want to display results in a table. Because you do not know how many items will be returned, you want to dynamically generate one table row for each returned item.

Create dynamic textbox in asp net using C# Example

In order to programmatically add a control to a page, there must be a container for the new control. For example, if you are creating table rows, the container is the table. If there is no obvious control to act as a container, you can use a PlaceHolder or Panel Web server control. We are using Panel as a container.

For example: Create ASP.Net Quiz Application by adding questions and answers. So in this example, we will learn how to generate multiple textboxes dynamically. Find the dot net source code below:-

how to create dynamic textbox on button click

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