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Best POS System Software for Small Business

In this article, I will discuss what is the best pos system software for a small business such as retail stores, restaurants, salons, pizza, bars, cafes, liquor stores, etc. Also, I will explain what is a pos system, and how the pos system works. Keep reading on Best Whatsapp Marketing Software | WhatsApp Bulk Sender What […]

Get or Activate your MSDN Subscription

In this article, I will explain about MSDN Subscription, how to get, and activate the MSDN subscription. You can buy MSDN subscriptions eighter online from or it can be purchased by your organization. MSDN Subscription Benefits There are so many benefits apart from getting the licensed version of the software. MSDN is free for […]

C# Interview Questions for Experienced Professionals

In this blog post, I will share frequently asked oops interview questions c# and c# interview questions and answers for experienced and freshers to get the right job. Find the list below:- Keep reading on Interview Questions on .NET Framework, Interview Questions on ASP.NET MVC OOPs Interview Questions in C# Introducing C#.Net What is C#? What features […]

How to customize Google Maps InfoWindow

A Google Maps InfoWindow displays content (usually text, images or links) in a popup window above the map, at a given location. Marker content google maps are usually attached to markers, but they can also be attached to a specific latitude and longitude. Keep reading on How to open KML File in Google Maps, Google Maps […]

How to call C# function from SQL Server

In this blog post, you will learn how to call the C# function from SQL Server 2019. Sometimes we have a requirement like execute C# methods from SQL Server Stored Procedures or Triggers and Microsoft SQL Server does provide that feature. Keep reading on Interview Questions on SQL Server Execute C# Method from SQL Server Let’s […]

How to draw a circle on Google Maps

The following article will demonstrate to you how to draw a circle on Google Maps with a radius. The Google Maps  API has several types of overlays that you can add programmatically such as markers, info-window, polylines, polygons, circles, and rectangles. Keep reading on Google Maps Distance Matrix API Example C#, Check if point inside polygon Google […]

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