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Google Maps Draggable Marker Get Coordinates

In this blog post, you will learn how to create google maps draggable marker using Google Maps Javascript API v3, and when you drag the marker position then get coordinates (latitude and longitude) of that location where you place the marker. Keep reading on Google Maps Location Sharing Not Updating, How to show multiple locations on Google […]

Interview Etiquette Before, During and After

In this article, I will discuss the proper interview etiquette tips and appropriate interview behavior. Knowing proper job interview etiquette is an important part of successful interviewing. How you dress, what you bring to a job interview, how you greet the interviewer, and how you communicate can all make a big difference in the outcome […]

How to validate latitude and longitude value

The following article will demonstrate how to validate latitude and longitude value using JavaScript and C#. Latitude and longitude are basic geographic terms that determine the location coordinate of any place located on earth. To implement validation for latitude and longitude values we can write a logic that, latitude must be a number between -90 […]

Find nearest location using latitude longitude MySQL

In this blog post, you will learn how to write a MySQL latitude/longitude radius query to find the nearest location using latitude longitude MySQL. For example, if you could place yourself in the center of a city and search for the nearest ATM in a radius of 1/2 KM. Keep reading on Google Maps Draw Polygon […]

Free Premium Blogger Template SEO Friendly 2020

Looking for a free premium responsive SEO friendly blogger template to use on your BlogSpot blog?  You have just found the best collection of SEO friendly blogger template free. Your blog design is the first thing that attracts first-time readers. When it comes to blogger templates, we have many free and paid options out there. […]

Getting Started with DotNet CLI

In this .Net Core tutorial, you will learn the difference .NET Core vs .NET Framework, and DotNet CLI. .NET Core History Let’s get started with the history of the .Net Platform introduced by Microsoft Corporation. .NET Core vs .NET Framework .NET Framework A development platform for building web applications, services, and mobile applications. It contains […]

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