Google Maps API Draggable Marker GetPosition

google maps api draggable marker getposition

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Google Maps JavaScript API v3 Draggable Marker

To allow users to drag a marker to a different location on the map, set draggable to true in the marker options. Find the google maps drag marker example below:-

Google Maps API Draggable Marker Get Coordinates

This tutorial demonstrates, how to get the coordinates on marker drag event in Google Maps. Find the google maps api draggable marker getposition example below:-

Download Source Code

How to Draw Circle on Google Map around marker - demo

Drag Google Map Marker to Get Address – Demo

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  1. hi, first thanks to you, it help me much.
    but i need more sample for my project.
    1. i need to show multiple marker with info windows. i stored GPS coordinate and location info in database. when i click on each marker, the info windows will popup with edit button, but marker it self cannot be draggable.
    2. when i click that button, then i can add more data (info) and storing it to database.
    3. your code here, i’ll use it when i need to store new location to my database. to store it i’ll use ajax and php. when data saved, back to no. 1.
    4. there are multiple color, yellow for newly add location, green for edited location, red for your code here :).
    can you help me to point what i sould do?


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