How to get key value from Web.config File

get key value from web.config

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How to read value from web.config appsettings

ASP.NET Web.config file allows you to define or revise the configuration settings at the time of developing the application or at the time of deployment or even after deployment. The following are brief points that can be understood about the Web.config file:

  • Web.config files are stored in XML format which makes us easier to work with.
  • You can have any number of Web.config files for an application. Each Web.config applies settings to its own directory and all the child directories below it.
  • The changes in Web.config don’t require the reboot of the web server.

An appSettings element in the root Web.config file that looks like the following:

In this MVC blog post I will demonstrate, how to Access key value from the Web.config file.

Get key value from web config in JavaScript

Find the below code to get key value from web.config in javascript:-

Get key value from web.config MVC

Find the below code to get key value from web.config c#:-

Find the full source code below:-

get webconfig key value in javascript mvc - Demo

Download Source Code

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